Belgian Football Grounds

ANTWERP (Belgium) – Tempting bars with a homelike feel, the greasiest cheese burgers you will ever taste and a fiercely competitive style of play – soccer in Belgium is a fairly unique experience. The top flight competition for Belgian football teams is called the Jupiler Pro League.

Squished between its neighbours Germany, France and the Netherlands, Belgium always had to eke out its place on the continent’s map. With pretty much success: Brussels as most familiar example is not kind of European Union’s (EU) secret capital for no reason.

Love to love football stadia

At the present time, RSC Anderlecht, Standard Club de Liège, FC Bruges or KRC Genk are the names of the most palmy sides. For a few years now, the football championship in Belgium is decided in a quite complicated play-off format.

From Westerlo to Oostende, from Aalter to Zwevegem, the nation’s lower level football bastions have also more to offer than it would initially appear. This applies, especially, for the handsome venues that host that local version of the planet’s most thrilling sport. Why not check it out?

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